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Ready to Treat all of your Hard Water Issues

Scale Doctor, a patented technology, is a compact, computerized electronic water conditioner. The Scale Doctor will descale your existing system, prevent new scale from forming and save you money from the moment it is installed.

Hard water is ordinary tap water that is high in dissolved minerals, specifically calcium and magnesium. While hard water is not unhealthy, it does create problems due to mineral build up in pipes on fixture and in causing poor soap and detergent performance. Scale Doctor conditions hard water without the use of salt or chemicals, while retaining minerals essential to good health.

"The people at Northgate Vacuum are great. Steve helped me and guided me through the installation process. My Scale Doctor is working. Thanks to him and the people at Northgate Vacuum in Binghamton, NY."

Ken Gebhardt

electronic elimination hard water scale

Electronic Elimination of Hard Water Scale

Numerous Scale Doctor users reported the following benefits:

The reduction of scale around faucets
Water often feels softer
Shower water pressure increased
Clothes retain their color and softness
The ability to reduce the amount of soap, shampoo, detergents and cleaners
Easier cleaning of surfaces, especially bathtubs, shower heads and sinks

Why Scale Doctor?

The principle of magnetic water treatment is not new. The first patent was granted around 1900. Scale Doctor takes this knowledge into the 21st century by using a patented technology. The electronic device treats the water by inducing magnetic AND electric fields with a continuous changing frequency within an optimized frequency band. This will affect the initial stage of crystal growth in the bulk of the water, resulting in many smaller crystals with a roundish shape, which will not easily adhere to pipe walls or other surfaces such as heating elements of washing machines and dish washers. As no new scale layers are being formed the force of the flowing water will slowly remove old scale layers, temporarily increasing hardness until all scale layers have been removed.

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Treat hard water issues. For just pennies per day, Scale Doctor provides all the benefits of soft water.

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