Why choose Scale Doctor?

Scale Doctor conditions water WITHOUT the use of salt or other chemicals while still retaining minerals that are essential to good health.

Scale Doctor treats and conditions water at the molecular level and will NOT change its actual chemical composition…So conventional chemical water tests will not show a reduction in the water’s hardness. Conventional chemical water tests are designed specifically to show how a typical water softener softens water with the use of SALT… Scale Doctor operates on an entirely different level with out any salt at all!

This is damage caused by Hard Water...

As soon as the Scale Doctor is installed and turned on, your water will start being treated. All benefits of the Scale Doctor will be realized over time BUT after day one, once the water is purged through the system it will start the process of loosening existing scale and build up and you will feel a difference in your water.

lime scale or calcium cause from hard water

Another Example of Lime Scale or Calcium caused from Hard Water.

electronic elimination hard water scale

The advantages are clear...

Descale Water System

Descales the whole water system

Just one Scale Doctor installed on the incoming water pipe, will descale and protect your whole house. Existing scale will be dissolved and will gradually disappear.

Prevent Scale

Prevent Scale

Existing scale around faucets, bathtubs and sinks softens and can be easily removed. Hot water heaters, boilers and appliances last much longer.

Low Energy Consumption

Low energy consumption

Scale Doctor protects the whole house and costs less then $12 a year to run.

Save Fuel Costs

Saves on fuel costs

Scale Doctor will remove existing scale from your water system and immersion heaters, returning it to its original efficiency, thus saving on fuel costs.

no chemical changes to water

No chemical changes to the water

Unlike water softeners nothing is added to the water and nothing is removed. Water remains chemically unchanged therefore will retain the beneficial minerals. Many users reported that taste was highly improved.

Suitable for all types of pipework

Suitable for all types of pipework

Copper, steel, lead or plastic pipes can all be easily treated. It has been tested and proven that metal pipes will not release more metals in the water after installation of the product.

Kinder to Skin

Kinder to skin

Water feels softer. It is reported that sufferers of dry skin and eczema noticed an improvement as the calcium no longer causes dryness and irritation.

Easy Install

Easy Installation - Portable

Simple DIY installation. No plumbing. Can be easily removed when moving house.

The Story Behind Hard Water

water hardness map

Hard water is commonly described as water that has concentration of calcium and magnesium within its make-up. The greater the amount of calcium and magnesium measured in grains per gallon or parts per million, the harder the classification of water hardness (As seen in the charts above).

Hard water can damage the water system in your house by building scale deposits within your plumbing system. Scale deposits reduce water flow and can be very costly to repair. Deposits in your hot water heater and heating system can reduce efficiency by 50%. The continual accumulation of scale can also lead to failure of your hot water heater and accumulation in items like shower heads, faucet heads, shower doors, or any surface the water comes in contact with. As many of you might notice, hard water stains require continued cleaning and can often times be very difficult to remove.

When you make the switch to the Scale Doctor, enjoy the benefits of a Hard Water-Free home!

Treated water with calcium, dissolves existing scale for better water flow.
Incoming water is saturated with calcium and other mineral ions in solution
scale doctor process
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Treat hard water issues. For just pennies per day, Scale Doctor provides all the benefits of soft water.

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