Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. By the gallons! no more bags of salt in your water. Too much sodium can result in high blood pressure or hypertension. Also, using less detergent means less skin irritation, softer skin and healthier hair!

Yes. All inline systems will also benefit from the descaling process, prolonging their useful life. Reverse osmosis membranes will remain scale-free and last longer. For people who wish to continue using the traditional water softener, Scale Doctor computerized water conditioner should be installed before the softener, this will result in a significant reduction of salt and water savings due to reduced need for regeneration cycles.

The Scale Doctor is not specifically made for skin problems, however, there is a very good chance it will help. Scale Doctor’s conditioned water makes rinsing much quicker and easier. Also, you will not be using as much soap. Many customers have remarked on how they like the feel of softer skin after using the Scale Doctor.

The Scale Doctor is a do it yourself in most cases, a handyman can usually install it in 20 to 30 minutes.

Pennies per day! The Scale Doctor was calculated to cost the user approximately $10-$15/year. The Scale Doctor has an approximate shelf live of 20-25 years.

The amount of time required before you experience the effects of the system varies depending on the amount of water used. Generally, signs of aggressive descaling are seen within one to two weeks. Note: The system may initially seem to be less than fully effective at times. This is due to the removal of the existing scale, which is brought back into solution briefly creating the effect of increased water hardness. Once the pre-existing scale has been removed from the pipes, the full effectiveness of the system will be experienced.

Yes, the Scale Doctor is 100% transportable and can go with you wherever you go. This includes moving into a new home, park models at camp, campers, etc.

Yes, not adding salt and using less soap and detergent means no salt and much less chemical discharge. This equates to, cleaner rivers, streams and lakes. A traditional/conventional water softener adds salt and other chemicals to water and change the chemical composition of water to make it “soft.” These systems will cause corrosion in pipes and are not good for the environment or personal health.

There is NO plumbing required when installing the Scale Doctor!

  • The water softener softens hard water by replacing the calcium and magnesium with sodium.
  • The water softener adds salt in the water and drains damaging chlorides into the environment.
  • The water softener requires that one purchases salt periodically.
  • The softener gives a silky feeling that one cannot get rid of.
  • The water softener makes the skin dry.
  • The water softener requires that one wastes water for regeneration.
  • It removes scale buildup in hot water heaters, saving energy costs.
  • Saves money by not requiring the purchase or use of salt.
  • Provides salt-free water, a concern for many health-conscious people.
  • Provides environmentally clean water while eliminating the discharge of salt-laden
  • Water into the water table as a result of the periodic regeneration cycle of conventional water softeners.
  • Reduces the consumption of detergents.

LIFETIME warranty is offered with the Scale Doctor. We will gladly replace any Dr. that malfunctions for the life of the unit. Scale Doctors have been vigoursly tested and are built to last for 15 to 20 years! They are made in America and are very well designed.

We get this question a lot..Many are wondering where the waste water goes, but the answer is simple– all of the water continues to go down the drain as it did before, but with help from the Scale Doctor, water going down the drain will no long cause corrosion and scale build up in the pipe itself.

Water treated with the Scale Doctor behaves as soft water. Far less shampoo, soap or detergent will be needed. On average consumers experience a 25% reduction in the use of all detergents, shampoo and household cleaners etc.

The unit can be installed in any pipe material including copper, PVC, steel, galvanized, apex, etc. up to 2 1/2″ diameter.

Our customers often notice an improvement in water pressure due to the elimination of pre- existing lime scale from their plumbing system.

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