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Scale Doctor is a compact, computerized electronic water conditioner, which will descale your existing system, prevent new scale from forming and save you money from the moment it is installed. The simple solution to hard water.

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  • No-Risk Money Back Guarantee! Scale Doctor is a tried and tested electronic descaler that we guarantee will eliminate hard water problems and remove existing limescale or your money back.
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Product Description

The Scale Doctor hard water conditioner system treats all incoming water as it passes the coil and alters the scaling properties of the dissolved minerals so that it does not adhere to surfaces and form hard scale.

  • Prevent any further hard-scale buildup
  • Remove the existing scale that is inside your water system
  • Soften the existing hard scale around taps, basins, toilets, etc.
  • Reduce soap scum and improve the lather of soap
  • Make the water feel softer
  • Reduce the harsh effects of hard water on skin and clothes.

Every boxed unit contains:

Technical Specifications

Ultra modern design

Single handed carrying

Lightingweight & Folding

Bluetooth connection

Always connected to your mobile phone!

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Scale Doctor
Original price was: $349.00.Current price is: $277.00.